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What Customers Say About Paradise Garden

Thank you for being so accomodating! You are the first company I had ever ordered online from and the first place I ordered iris rhizomes from when I started collecting last year. I must say that your customer service, friendliness, and responsiveness are absolutely top-notch. It is a bonus that your plants are the best I have ever seen too! This fall I am going to have to divide some of the rhizomes I purchased from you just last year (they have all doubled or tripled!!). Thank you again and keep up the great work.

M.W. — Middleton, Wisconsin

I received my first daylily order from you yesterday and had to write to say I'm so glad I found you! These are by far the most beautiful bunch of daylilies I have received by mail order and I can hardly wait to get them in the ground and watch them grow. I am very impressed and will definitely be ordering from you again. Thanks also for the bonus — it is as impressive as all the rest. I will highly recommend you — you definitely have a repeat customer here! Thanks again.

Sheila — Birmingham, Alabama

Hello! I have already left positive feedback on Garden Watchdog, but wanted to email you directly and thank you. My first daylily order from you arrived yesterday, and I am so impressed. Huge, healthy divisions, and even a bonus plant. Orange Vols is just beautiful, and the catalogs and helpful information included is greatly appreciated, as well. I've loved daylilies for years, but only had a few "common" varieties that were given to me.... My new Beginners Collection of named cultivars is now in the ground, and I look eagerly forward to watching them grow and bloom. Paradise Garden/Oakes Daylilies made the start of my little dream-come-true garden a wonderful (and painless) experience! I'm thrilled, and will definitely purchase from you again. Thank you!

Gayle — Middleburgh, New York

Okay Mr. Black. You won me over. I just received my first shipment of daylilies from a supplier in Tennessee. They are most certainly the best plants I have ever received through the mail. They are healthy, mature plants. The supplier in Tennessee took the time to trim the plants and wash the roots. Gardening and landscaping is one of my favorite hobbies. If I wasn't already, I'd ask you to marry me (: Thank you so much. I look forward to receiving my other shipments.

Melissa — Virginia

I received the first shipment today and I was really impressed. I received the Wiegela Wine and Rose and the quality of this plant was overwhelming. I have ordered from other nurseries in the past and your plant was much older and larger than any of those nurseries. Plus it was blooming. Beautiful pink flowers. It has always taken a season or more for plants that I have ordered online to bloom....Thank you for making my day.

Sheree — North Augusta, South Carolina

I want to compliment you on the quality of your plants. I have been a serious gardener for over 20 years, and have ordered plants from many of the "big names" in the horticultural "world." You are to be congratulated on the quality of the plants you provide. Seldom do I see plants of this quality. I wish you the best of luck in your business, and will pass your name on to others.

Mari M. — Woodleaf, North Carolina

Rec'd my order today and want to thank you for packing it so well. Because I was not home when they were delivered, the box sat in the sun all afternoon with temps near 90°! Thanks to your packaging, and UPS's handling, the plants are in excellent condition.

Carol R. — Prospect Heights, Illinois

I would like to say how impressed I was with my order. Most of the bulbs/rhizomes were impressively large and you even sent extra plants. The packaging was perfect; no bends or breaks. All were nicely labled. I planted them at once and they have taken off like gang busters! I ordered several rebloomers and it looks like I may get a flower or two the first fall season.

Pamela P. — Forest Falls, California

Thanks for the wonderful new additions on the site...I'll be placing another new order shortly!

Susan R. — Carol Stream, Illinois

Your website is wonderful and I give it a TEN! This is my third day visiting your site. It rained Monday and I was on it all day reviewing your daylilies. I would have been on it all evening too, but I got disconnected and was unable to get on-line again. Can't wait to tell my fellow members at the Greenfield Garden Club about your site. Looking forward to placing my first order. Now, off to get some lunch and I'll be back to check out the fall blooming iris!

E.G. — Greenfield, Massachusetts

I received my order today - that was fast delivery! Thanks for the "extra" it looks lovely. The plants are very healthy and they are an impressive size. I know they will grow well in my garden and be admired. Thanks again.

Mary J. — Independence, Kentucky

Just received my most recent order of little grapette daylilies. Plants again arrived in top condition and I'm - once again - thrilled. This will most likely be the last order of the year for me as we are now past the prime season for planting in Alaska. I will, however, be experimenting with a variety of ways to insulate my new little treasures from the cold winters, and I'll let you know what works best when spring arrives. Thank you for the wonderful website, the great service, and the courtesy you've shown. It's been nothing but positive!! Sincerely,

Twyla D. — Fairbanks, Alaska

Hey Jeff, Wish to thank you for having my order replaced. Plants were in top shape and are now in the garden.

Joyce K. — Hawi, Hawaii

We ordered hosta recently from your site. The plants were in excellent condition and are thriving in our garden. These are the best plants we have received. Just wanted to thank you for having such a good product!

Emily H. — Dothan, Alabama

I just wanted to say that I have received my order and was very pleased with the plants. This was a combined order between myself and a friend. Because of the amount of fans with each plant, we were able to split them so that now we have twice as many!(Between the 2 of us we have over 200 daylilies) Daylilies are definetly addictive!! I would love to get more, but am running out of place to put them!!!! Again I (we) THANK YOU for the great plants. Some I just put in the ground 2 weeks ago and have flower buds already. I have recommened your site to all my friends!

Jean P. — Ashaway, Rhode Island

I believe that I have received all of my daylilies. I am very pleased with the quality and size of the clumps. Thank you for your diligence in getting my requests filled. My daughter-in-law bought everything that I had put on my wish list. Now, I have to start a new wish list. I'm enjoying my abundance.

Sandra C. — Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

Your prompt and courteous reply was well received. I am pleased to say that you are going "above and beyond" in trying to maintain my relationship with your company. In this day and age, it is not easy to find good customer service. The refund you provided certainly makes a good case for continuing to shop via Paradise Garden. I am hopeful that the plants in question will not only survive, but will thrive, in my garden. Rest assured, I will not sever our relationship following your more than adequate response.

Gary N. — Wyckoff, New Jersey

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I LOVE this site!! You are the first place that I have visited that allowed me to search for hostas by category. I am looking for some specimens that will grow to a magnificent size and with the other sites I have found online, it has been nearly impossible to find the appropriate plants. Thank you for your thoughtful layout; this site has been a true joy to use because of the ease of navigation. I have no doubt that the other sites serve their purpose (I have indeed used the sites that list hostas alphabetically), but yours has been a God-send. Thank you.

Toni N.

Thank you for your prompt attention to my last e-mail. Customer service like this keeps repeat customers. I just wanted to advise you that my order arrived without the 6 ENNOBLE plants... Everything else that I ordered arrived in fine condition... Obviously, if they were free, I would be curious to plant them and see the result... Thanks again for the credit...

Howard S. — Williamsville, New York

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At Paradise Garden, our customers are the most important aspect of our business. We know they share our passion for gardening and love of plants. And we know we would not have a business without them. Therefore, your complete satisfaction will always be our top priority!

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